Enjoy the simple (single) moment

I'm not one for a crazy city life. I like to stay at home and have a slow time. But sometimes I get overwhelmed by things, even the simple ones. I'm like: I have to read a book, I have to water the plants, I have to finish that knit project for a certain day (not a work project, something for me), I want to see a movie, ecc... and before I know it, I'm in a complete state of anxiety and it's for things that should take out the anxiety! So on Sunday morning I took a deep breath and I didn't make a list (yes, I didn't) and I just started to do one thing after another without thinking "I should have already read 20 pages by now" or "that blanket is not even at 20%". It's not easy, I'm the first to tell you, but even for just one hour was good.

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