Elanor Dymott - Every contact leaves a trace

This is one of those books I pick up almost without thinking when I go to the library. At the entry they have a small cart where they put the books thay just got back, so you can check them before they put them on their shelves and you loose them among many other books. So this book arrived in my hands just by chance. elanor dymott Every contact leaves a trace is the first book of Elanor Dymott and I have to say it: amazing job. This is one of those books that you can't really fit in a precise category. There is a death, it's a violent one and you don't know who did it. But you can't say it's a mistery book. Maybe you can tell it's about the search and the discovery of a person. Let me try to explain it better. The main character is a man who lost his wife about six months earlier and the first thing he says to you it's he doesn't know his wife, not as much as he thought he would. The story is about her, is about how some facts that occured ten years earlier finally come back and close their circle. So the title is true: every contact leaves a trace and that trace can bring you to happy places as well as bad places. elenor dymott One of the things I liked the most about this book is the little tension you have while you are reading it. I think it's from chapter 9 that you read the protagonist is about to listen to the story he has to know so he can begin to understand the death of his wife, but the details and the tassels are so many, that you will be taken back and forth through so many other stories that you will get to end of the book and you won't care so much about what happened that summer night at the lake.  elenor dymott Where you can find this book: Elanor Dymott, Every contact leaves a trace Elanor Dymott, Ogni contatto lascia una traccia

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