Eco friendly small crochet basket

The other day on my instagram page I wrote that I was taking care of my first shop, KCKshop. Since my little vacation in Paris, I was thinking about this shop and what I was going to do with it. I'm in a strange phase, I don't know quite well where I want to go with my work and every day I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I came back with many ideas, but nothing really specific. After some days of playing with different materials and tools, I found myself working with a crochet hook and a mantra in mind: keep it simple. So these small baskets are the first products that came out for this little collection I have in mind. eco friendly small crochet basket I wanted something simple, fresh and perfect for the Spring. I knew I wanted an eco friendly product, even if I'm always careful about the products that I use to work with. In particular today I wanted to talk to you about these two small crochet baskets. They are hand crochet by me using a special and unique yarn: I mixed together a grey cotton and linen blend with a mint cotton thread. They are something simple, yes I followed my mantra, that you can use around the house to keep small objects safe; you can use them on your desk or to make a little plant more special. You can find these two small baskets here. In the next couple of weeks I will add to the shop the other items of my new eco friendly home collection.

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