Different kinds of music

Sometimes, when I talk to people, or I write here, that I like to listen to different kinds of music, I don't know if they really understand what I mean. Of course, I don't listen to all of the music, there are some genres that I really can't stand to listen even one minute without wanting to kill myself. I will not tell you those genres, so I won't hurt anybody's feelings, but if you are curios about it, you can always ask me on Twitter. But I listen to different kinds of things and I enjoy them. Sometimes it depends on the period of the year or if I associate that particular album or artist to a moment and I will always be happier when I can recreate that moment. For example: the first time I really listened to the first album by the XX: it was the start of the Summer, I was at my parents house, in my room, where I have my bed under three windows, the light air stream is amazing and the light in the afternoon is soft and sometimes magic, with all the old wood furniture from my parents and great grandparents. Taylor Swift is something I relate to my friendship with my dear friend P., she also enjoys different kinds of music and most of the things we lived together are related to music, listening to albums and strange event occurring to us when we were together at a concert. I think she is the only person that I know that says out loud that she like Taylor's music. The National: this band is something else for me, they are, I think, my favorite band, I also have a tattoo whit a phrase from one of their songs. When I see them live I become a fifteen years old fan girl, I can't contain myself. As for the XX, I know the exact moment when I listened to them for the first time and I completely fell in love and my love for them never stopped. It was my last Summer in Turin, I was studying for my philosophy exam, it didn't go well but I don't blame the National, I blame myself. I was searching for something new to listen and I also asked to some friends if they had some names to suggest and they appeared on my I Tunes and goodbye Giulia. I spent the next months listening on repeat to them and the fact that the following November they played live in my city didn't help my addiction. Oh wow, if you never saw them live, you are missing something so amazing... But this is a completely other story for another time.

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