December readings

November and the first half of December have been a very busy period, so I didn't have much time and concentration to dedicate to my readings. So I just started a couple of days ago the latest book by Ian McEwan, it seems good, but we'll see. danny wallace charlotte street Finally, I finished Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace; it was good, yes, but I wasn't so taken. The plot was a particular idea, but everything else was so predictable, chapter after chapter, even the end. harry potter ans the half blood prince In this super busy period, I found myself looking for something easy to read but that I could enjoy, so I turned to a guilty pleasure of mine: Harry Potter. I had a little vague excuse: I havn't read every book in english, because when years ago I found out this saga, my english was rubbish and for sure I wasn't able to read an entire book in its original language, even a simple one. But I'm curious, what are you reading right now? Have you ready a list for the Christmas time? Do you have anything that you always read in this period?

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