D.I.Y. mint wood box

I always loved pastel colors, especially for home decor. Just like with my wardrobe, in my home I don't have a precise style, I like to mix things, but I know I love wood and certain kind of colors. I also like to make things with my hands, so this little project was perfect. I needed a box to put some of my works in when they are finished, so they can stay organized and ready to go. I wanted something that I could also use when I'm attending markets or fairs. Some months ago I fell in love with this simple unfinished wood box, but I didn't buy it because at that time I didn't need it. But now it was the right time to get it. When I went to the shop I also wanted to buy a paint to give a personal touch to the box. I took a look around and I found this great eco-friendly paint in the perfect color called Miami Milk. [caption id="attachment_3975" align="aligncenter" width="474"]d.i.y. mint wood box To-do Fleur eco-friendly paint[/caption] If you want to do a box like mine all you need to have is: - an unfinished wood box - a paint you like - paint brush - some old newspaper [caption id="attachment_3977" align="aligncenter" width="474"]d.i.y. mint wood box Materials[/caption] This is the finished look [caption id="attachment_3978" align="aligncenter" width="474"]d.i.y. mint wood box Finished painted box[/caption] I really had fun painting this box. I also need another box with little drawers to keep all the small things I need for my work and I think I know what the next project will be.

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