Color Block Scarves

I worked on these scaves for quite a bit now. I had something on my mind, but i tried one or two things before I found the right one, that idea which spoke to me about colours, stiches, everything. tassels   When I knitted the first one it was one of those strange days we are having here in Milan this year: sunny but with mountain fresh air. I can't explain why exactly, but I was inspired by that kind of day to knit something like this scarf. boho color block scarf   They are five for now and are on sale in my shop from today. If you want a particular block of colours let me know and I will do something just for you. color block scaf grey While I was making this one in grey and this particular acid green, I had a thought: why not a little blanket like this, something for a baby or just something small to use during the winter in front of the tv for those who, like me, have always cold feet. What do you think? You can find all the new color block scarves here.

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