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The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, Kirsten Weiss This book is one of those thriller novels that doesn't seem like one of them. Let me explain: there is a crime, there is an investigation and there is someone who solves the crime; all of these elements make a crime story. But while I was reading it, I didn't have that feeling I have when I read this genre of books. I think I can't explain myself like I would like to. Let's just say that it's a good book, pretty fast to read and pretty enjoyable. [Amazon - Book Depository - Goodreads] books talk Movie Game, Michael Ebner If you read about this book on Goodreads, you could notice that some people put this book under the young adult genre. But I don't think so, it's about a young boy, ok, but it's a coming of age book and this element isn't enough to put the book in that section. Movie Game is the second book by Michael Ebner and I quite liked it. It was a good story, the one with a problematic character who by the end knows quite what to do with his life. [Amazon - Goodreads] Book talk Il Delitto del Conte Deville, Amelie Nothomb One of the things that I love about the books by Amelie Nothomb is that they are short. I know that, when I want a fast reading, something to read in a day or two, I can go to her books and find something for me. With her books you can imagine what you could expect, but you will never be sure. She is a very prolific writer and I love her for this and every time she makes me go to a different place, with a different story. Sometimes it's a story from her life and other times, like this one, she writes a story between surrealism and reality. I'm simply very fond of her. [Voland - Goodreads] Follow me on One Year in Books to see all my readings.

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