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Last week I read two books and the first one was Black Girl White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates. By now you will all know that I like this writer, sadly I haven't read all of her books, but i'm trying. Black Girl White Girl was first published in 2006 and it's the story of a black girl and a white girl at their freshman year in 1974-75. I liked this book but, as sometimes happen with J.C.Oates, it takes a while before it really starts. I think with this book you have to wait 100 pages to get into the characters and to be very taken by the story. tutte le mie preghiere guardano verso ovest Paolo Cognetti, Tutte le mie preghiere guardano verso ovest.  I'm sorry for all the English readers, but this book is only in Italian. I promise I will be quick, let me just say that this is the book I would like to have with me when one day I will be visiting New York. If you want a definition I can tell you that this is a little food guide, but it's so much more. I really like how Paolo Cognetti can describe things, I'm sorry, I can't use another word or something more precise because he can really describe everything, food, situations, people, even animals, in a way that speaks to me. Plus this book has little maps and this is always a very good plus in a book.

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