Books, drink and eat.

Today will be almost all about books! First of all, last week I finished the fifth book of the Rivers of London saga: Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch. I loved the first three books, the fourth a bit less, but I already told you everything you need to know over here, on Fluster Magazine. And about a year ago I wrote the review of Broken Homes, I'm sorry it's in italian, but you just need to know that it's always a good reading, even if a bit less interesting compared to the other three. Now, I finally read Foxglove Summer and I'm happy to say that this book is again on board with the first three books. We change location and leave London, but everything that was good in this series continues to be good even in the country. la famosa invasione degli orsi in sicilia Then I went where I usually find my second hand books here in Milan and I was able to find this book, The bear's famous invasion of Sicily. I'm not a huge fan of Dino Buzzati, not because I don't like his writing or his subjects, but because, usually, I don't come across his books and I forget about him. I know it's sad and it should not be happening, but I always want to read so many books and authors that I can't remember everything everytime I go to the bookstore or to the library. And, if I have to be completly honest with you, I like sometimes to go to the second hand store and just see what the fate, or the events, put in front of my eyes that time. books Two things book related: BookMooch, where you can do exchanges of books. If you want to find me, my nickname is wallace (me and my boyrfriend did just one account for the both of us). I already sent some books and today I received my first one, Atonement by Ian Mcewan. The second thing is Book Depository, a website where you can find many many books and have free shipping worldwide. For me, that I read many books in english but I live in Italy, where is not that easy and it costs a lot to find what I want to read, this website is amazing. Here you can find my little, for now, wishlist. break Last things, not book related, but that you can eat while you are reading, are these two: - barley coffee with rice milk: I can't drink coffee so this mix is amazing and even if I love drinking tea, lately I'm so in love with this beverage. - modica chocolate: I used to eat it a few years ago, then last week I found it in my grocery store, plus it was on sale so I was very very happy.

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