Book talks n.4: weekend readings

Graphic Novels They are beautiful books to look at, the stories can be amazing and the two factors combined together can create something unique. Plus they are fast to read, so it can be a great reading for a weekend. Last Saturday I read La Distanza, by Alessandro Baronciani and Colapesce. If you are an Italian reader and you are a little behind, like me, and you still haven't read this book, please do, it's a really beautiful story. For my English readers, you can go check out the books by Lucy Kinsley. I first read French Milk about two years ago, it's a travel journal about the month she stayed in Paris. She wrote many other books, I still have to read a couple of them and I can't wait to do it. Short Stories Another great way to read something during the weekend. You can stop after a couple of stories and then pick the book up again later in the day or next weekend, if you just have time to read during the weekend. You will not lose interest in the story and you can mix more than one book. Right now I'm reading a short stories collection by Wu Ming, L'Invisibile Ovunque. Magazines Why not? Right now there are such great magazines out there with amazing stories and one thing I love about this kind of reading is that it can be a great point to start for some research. In a magazine you can read about a topic or a person that could interest you, you read about it and, if you are still curious about it, you can go online and continue your search. It can be a great point for inspiration and a quick reading. At the moment I like: Flow Magazine, Extra Curricular, The Happy Reader and Casa Facile (I love house magazines).

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