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Today I want to talk to you about weaving. When I sat down to write this post, I had a little bit different kind of post in mind. I wanted to show to you some wonderful textile artists I admire and some very beautiful pieces. So I opened my weaving board on Pinterest and I started to look around for what I was looking for. Then I thought that maybe it would be more interesting to show to you different things weaving related. I know that out there there are many people interested in this kind of fiber art and that you are looking for some advice on where to start. Tutorials weaving 101 with kids weaving with a frame weaving with a loom branch weaving Materials cotton warp (by Funem Studio, here you can find also looms, tools and beautiful copper dowel) weaving kit with hand died wool weaving kits with bright colors weaving tool kit Inspirations (through Instagram) Oh Minna Maryanne Moodie Smile and Weave Tammy Kanat Personal Links weaving goods bag weaving wall hanging weaving blog posts  

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