Amsterdam - travel journal

I stayed in Amsterdam for a week, it was amazing and I fell in love with the city, everything is so green! I saw a lot of things and I was even able to finally relax. You need to know that I'm not so good at it, but now it's time to organize everything and to tell you what I did during my vacation. Day 1 4477 steps the plan was to go around a bit without a plan [steller id="539783046358894259"] Day 2 11295 steps a walk through Vondelpark, the house we rented was near it and this meant a lot of walks around the park Katten Kabine Museum, a cute little museum dedicated to cats De Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui, old, rare and second hand books market a secret garden with a ceramist [steller id="540552149189265393"] Day 3 8811 steps Stephen+Penelope craft shop, a little yarn heaven Hortus Botanicus, a really magic place, I can't even describe how much I loved this place lunch at Cafè Smit and Voogt, smoked tea and a great sandwich Natura Artis Magistra, the Amsterdam zoo. [steller id="541189275610252571"] Day 4 9838 steps yummy breakfast at Toastable a visit to The American Book Center, really great bookshop lunch at Stadspaleis, we literally fell in love with this place, we came back three times and every single time the food was so delicious. If you go to Amsterdam, you have to go to this cute and wonderful place. [steller id="541948995514140269"] Day 5 8481 steps a walk through Vondelpark to the Van Gogh Museum, you are kind of obligated to go there Sex Museum [steller id="542679767783049195"] Day 6 10568 steps Haarlemmeerstraat, interesting street with cute shops and place to eat shops I loved: &K, Store Without a Home, Concrete Matter. a walk around the Jordaan, a great neighborhood where to walk around the little streets dinner at Fou Fow Ramen, sino japanese cuisine, super amazing place [steller id="543349074607211754"] Day 7 8181 steps a visit to FOAM, I saw the great Swinging Sixties London exhibition another walk around the city, without a destination in mind. Amsterdam is a great city to just walk and see all the beautiful streets and canals. [steller id="544115069349266955"] In the next weeks I will talk more about the treasures I took with me and I want to show you some special places I saw. Today I wanted to share with you my travel journal and my week plan for Amsterdam.

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