A simple weekend

Saturday I had to take the pictures for the new products and, as usual, at first I wasn't happy with them and if I am not satisfied with something I'm doing, I find myself questioning everything else. It's a tricky subject that even I don't know how to explain to you very well. Let's just say that I had a rough saturday morning and I wanted to have a nice weekend with my boyfriend and even with me, for that matter. And simple weekend it was. I went to see Tale of Tales early in the afternoon; going to the cinema during the day is something that I really like and this movie was amazing. Then the usual walk around the city with some shopping: comic books for him, a little trip to Muji and some food shopping and a saturday night at home with The Last Man On Earth. sunday lunch Yesterday was a very lovely day and of the kind I love the most: lunch at home with some friends and the afternoon spent between a good book, some knitting (I almost finished my long project) and taking care of my little urban jungle. reading lavender

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