A simple birthday

Last week it was my boyfriend's birthday and he wanted to do something simple to celebrate. So I asked him want he would like to eat and I also made a little surprise. He chose the homemade pizza that I make, I think I already told you about this recipe here. It's really simple because I use a little trick: a fresh made base I find at the grocery store. It's the perfect solution to have something good and almost ready to go. I just add olive oil, tomato puree, grated garlic and parmesan cheese on top of it. lemon loaf cake   The little surprise was one of his favourite cake I make: the lemon and poppy-seed loaf cake. I love this kind of cake, both to cook and to eat; again is something fast to cook and delicious to eat. The one I make is very similar to this one, but without the milk. The original recipe also adds a glaze, but I think that without it, you will be able to eat more slices eheh.

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