A little story about a book

This book... years ago it was suggested to me by a person I care a lot, it was one of his favorite books. I read it, I liked it and during the following years I lost my copy and I also lost a bit that person. Then, some months ago the news about the new book by Harper Lee brought back my feelings for that book. Sadly, not my copy and not even that person. I wanted that book and I wanted it in English: the first time I read it, I read it in Italian and Saturday, unexpectedly, I received it as a gift. The circle would be perfect if that same person who suggested it to me years ago was the one who gave it to me. But we are not in a world always made of perfect coincidences. Sometimes they are better, because this book has arrived from a special person, a person who also thinks the same special things I think about books.

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