A little holiday

Finally, after almost two years I can go on holiday, yehhh. I will be away for about seven days, so the next week will not have any blog post. I will be in Barcelona, the main reason is the Primavera Sound Festival, but I can finally visit the city in a proper way even if this is the third time I go there. The first two I went just the days of the festival and if you see concerts until 5 in the morning, you can't see a city the next day. [caption id="attachment_2257" align="aligncenter" width="474"]xx barcellona sound xx @ primavera sound 2010[/caption] So holiday for me and for my brain: in the house I will be staying in there is no internet connection. At first this news scared me a little bit (ok, maybe more than a little bit), but then I realized this can be really a great excuse to stop running through things and stay calm and enjoy a classic holiday. Of course I have some plans about post blog and a little project, but I have to wait and see if my laziness will be leading on the next week. A little gallery from the latest Primavera sound I went in 2011. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2267,2262,2261,2263,2264,2265,2266,2260"] See you soon! Ps: I will take a bunch of pictures and if I can find some wifi spot you will find me on instagram (@keepcalmandknit).

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