72nd Venice Film Festival part 2

Last week I told you about some of the movies I saw during the film festival, you can read part I here. Today it's time for the final part, the second one. Tanna, by bentley Dean and Martin Butleri In the description they say it's a Romeo and Juliet set in the middle of the Melanesia forest among two of its tribes. And the movie is just this: lots and lots of Pacific nature, tribal songs and a tragic love between two lovers in the middle of a tribes war. I can't say I didn't like it, but I didn't love it either. Heart of a Dog, by Laurie Anderson Oh my, I think this is my favorite movie of this year festival. This is really something else and the only way to describe it is: a personal tale about love and loss. Images, music, Buddhist teachings, lots of love and moving words. Janis, by Amy Berg If you love Janis Joplin this is the movie for you. It was a good documentary, but nothing special, a bit old if I can say that. I saw documentaries way more interesting than this one and I don't dislike the work of Janis Joplin. Lolo, by Julie Delpy I love to see this kind of comedy made by the Frenches, they are so good at balancing the comedy, the romance, the irony, everything. The Daughter, by Simon Stone This movie is based on a play written by Ibsen, so you can't aspect anything easy, lightweight or similar. The cast is really great and I really loved this movie. Maybe I would have liked a little bit  more of introspection about the characters. Early Winter, by Michael Powe If at the end of the movie you feel the instinct to kill one of the main characters, don't worry, it was the sentiment of all the room when I saw this movie. It wasn't a slow movie, but most the story was based on looks, waiting and a really big problem of communication between husband and wife. Spotlight, by Thomas McCarthy This move is about the investigation made by the Boston Globe on a huge number of pedophilia's cases. The cast is really great and with names like Michael Keaton, Stanely Tucci and John Slattery you can't go wrong. In the USA it will be released at the beginning of November and for other countries you have to wait for the new year.

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