72nd Venice Film Festival part 1

Every year, here in Milan, I get to see some of the movies that are participating at the Venice Film Festival. I love to see all of these movies in a week, like three in a day, you enter for lunch and you will come out after dinner, sometimes. This year was a bit stressful because I was also working so much, but I managed to do both and now I'm tired but happy and satisfied. I'm a bit less happy about what I saw. Of course, you can't always see beautiful movies and one can only hope. I saw 15 movies and I liked some of them and I really loved about 3 or 4, I think. I thought a lot about writing this post and in the end I wanted to talk about all of them. So are you ready? Today it's only the first part, the second one will be up next week. Montanha, by Joao Salaviza First movie I saw in this festival and I didn't like it. It's about a boy, the loss of a grandparent and the need to become an adult. [Imdb] Tempete, by Samuel Collardey This is a movie to see. It will be out in France next february, It's a beautiful story about parenthood and the male character, Dominique Leborne, was so good, he won Special Orizzonti Award for Best Actor. [Imdb] A copy of my mind, by Joko Anwar This was a little surprise. I dind't hear anyone talking about this movie and I was a bit suspicious, I din't know what to expect and I found a really great movie. [Trailer] [Imdb] Francofonia, by Aleksandr Sokurov I wasn't going to see this movie, I'm not a huge fan of Sokurov, but it was about the Louvre and my cousin insisted to see it, so I went. Well, I need to listen more to my guts: I didn't enjoy this movie. Some parts of it were good, but it didn't make sense; some other parts aren't close to any other and they stand alone in the dark. If you are curious, this movie will be at the London Film Festival next October. [Trailer] Right now, wrong then, by Hong Sang-soo This is the classic movie where the director asks himself, and to you, what could happen if you only change some details in a story? Well, I can tell you it happens that the first part is a bit boring and the second one is a bit better. I can also tell you that it's possible that you will hate this movie. [Imdb] The endless river, by Oliver Hermanus Another movie I didn't enjoy. Even worse, I wanted to get out, it was so boring and obvious. After the second minute you could tell all the plot and the end was so bad. [Trailer] Marguerite, by Xavier Giannoli This was my own fault, I don't like lyric music and this movie is about a very very very bad singer. Also, the story isn't there, and when it's there it says nothing important. [Trailer]    

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