Sweater, Il Grande Favorito

After I ran out of wool to finish the second sleeve, I had to wait a couple of weeks for the yarn to arrive, but yesterday, I've finished to knit my first sweater. The first experiment that I did in January was cute, but I can wear that cardigan only at home; I just wanted to do it and finish it. This time around I was good and I can wear the sweater outside without saying that is some new kind of fashion to wear a cardigan with the end of a single sleeve in a total different colour. 

I knitted Il Grande Favorito by Isabell Kraemer, but of course I wasn't able to limit myself to follow the instructions. It's an amazing pattern and a great way to learn how to knit a sweater topdown, but I wanted something a bit more comfy and large. I didn't change much, just the neck and I left the ribbing of the front separated from the back one. I also followed the instruction for the largest size. 

Yarn: I used Blacker Yarn Classic, aran weight, in the colour natural grey and needles of 5 mm.

Isabell Kraemer Instagram.

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