One Week In Pictures (April 9 - 18 th)

A week ago I started to knit the Summer Fields Sweater, it's made with a blend of cotton and linen. It will be available in neutral colours and made to order, so if you want yours be aware that it will take a couple of weeks to make it. 
You can subscribe to the newsletter that will be go out in a couple of weeks and reserve your sweater.
Finally it's in my hand the copy of Laine Magazine. At the end of the month the new issue will be out and I can't wait to read it. It's an amazing magazine, with creative's stories, knitting patterns, interviews, a city guide, a couple of recipes and lots of amazing pictures. It's a very great reading.
In this pictures you can see some of my favourites of the last period, work in progress and new yarn I want to test.

My travelling bag a one of the new projects I'm working on. Both the pattern and the product will be in my shop in Spring.

As you have already saw, Un Peu Sauvage has a new home, a new shop where you can find the products and the patterns. As for any move, I still have many boxes to open and organise, but I love the new space and I wanted to share it with you. Many blog posts are missing, I know, but I'm working hard behind the scene and news will arrive.
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