One lesson I learnt from downsizing my wardrobe

I started to down-size my closet almost two years ago, in the spring of 2014. Since then I learnt many things, but the first and most important one is this: since I have less clothes, it takes me less time to dress.

I don't have a capsule wardrobe with very few pieces, it's not for me and the climate I live in doesn't allow me to do that. At one point I tried all the clothes I had and saw what was fitting me right, what wasn't right for my size, what I didn't like or I wasn't going to wear anyway anymore. I did a huge down-size and since then I still thought about some pieces now and again, especially when the seasons change and I can look back at what I actually wore and what I didn't try even once. 

Having less clothes for me means that:

  • I know that the clothes I have fit me in the way I want and I look good in them
  • The possible combinations are less, yes, but I already know them, so I don't have to spend 30 minutes trying everything only to go back to the very first tshirt I tried
  • I know my style and what kind of models looks good on me 

For example: during the Autumn/Winter time I like to wear almost the same outfit. Jeans or jeggings +  shirt or tshirt + cardigan or sweater + ankle boots (to this add a couple of items of outwear like coats, beanie and scarf). I like this style, the minimal rustic as I like to call it, I can play with basic colours, my favourite ones, I can choose to wear a more minimal tshirt or a more particular shirt. 

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