D.I.Y. Saturday: basket weave stitch

During the week I uploaded on Instagram a couple of pictures of the blanket. Some of you asked me about it, so I thought to talk more about this blanket and how to do the stitch I'm using.

Yarn: I'm mostly using the eco wool from Sandilane; almost all of the yarns have already been used, but they are still very soft and their colors are just lovely. I'm also using a couple of balls of yarn of Patagonia from Lana Gatto. 

basket weave stitch

Stitch: the basket weave. When I saw on Pinterest, I think, this stitch I fell completely in love with it and I thought it would look great used for a blanket and so far I love the result. It's not a complicate stitch, you just need to keep track of where you are in your pattern. You have to use a multiple of 10, to cast the number of stitches you need for your projects. For example, for my little blanket/throw I cast on 90 stitches and I'm using 8 mm needles.
The pattern: row 1: knit to the end row 2-4-6: knit 6 purl 4 row 3-5: knit 4 purl 6 row 7: knit to the end row 8-10-12: purl 4 knit 6 row 9-11: purl 6 knit 4 And that's it. You just need to keep track of what row you are on. 

basket weave stitch

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