An Autumnal day in Spring

On the Monday after Easter, I went home to visit my parents and after a lovely lunch (they had just come back from their holiday in Trentino Alto Adige and they brought back amazing food and wine), we all went for a much needed walk. The program I had in mind was to once more go to visit one of my favourite villages in the mountains near my house, but it was too late in the afternoon and the weather was really horrible. So we went to see another little village and the woods around it.

old village

The weather was still horrible and it looked like a typical autumnal day, but full of green plants and flowers! We also managed to see two black salamanders, they were so cute. It seemed like a fauna spotting day: on my way to my hometown, between some fields and trees, I saw three roe deer.

old village

 You can see many more pictures here.

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