A Sort of Capsule Wardrobe

I'm always fascinated when I see a capsule wardrobe* project. For example, last week I saw a blog post by Dominique of allthatsheis, in which she shows her outfits for the week made with a capsule wardrobe. 
I would love to try one time and see where a project like this can take me, and I think I will try, one day. 
For now I want to do a sort of analysis of what I wear. Let me explain. I don't want to limit my options (not that my wardrobe is that big), but I want to see what I go for, take notes, maybe pictures if I remember, and then, at the end of the week/month/season, I want to see if I changed style too much, if I went more for jeans or dresses.

I have no idea how this little project could affect me or my wardrobe choices, but I want to try and see how it goes. I want to see if I can insert more and more of the pieces I knit or the handmade clothes I want to buy (this last one will be a long project, my idea of buying something only when I need it isn't made to have a huge wardrobe, but to insert valuable and durable pieces that I will wear for years and years).

  • Comfy black trousers - Zara
  • Squared Shirt - H&M
  • Wool Sweater - Cos

  • Wide Leg Trousers - Forever 21
  • Cotton Long Shirt - Muji
  • Hand Knitted Cotton Sweater - Un Peu Sauvage
  • Hand Knitted Cotton Scarf - Un Peu Sauvage

Last week I played with similar outfits to these ones, changing just the shirt.

*Capsule wardrobe: it's a mini wardrobe made of a limited number of pieces, usually around 30 (but everyone can makes their own rules and number), that includes tops, bottoms, outwear and shoes. The capsule wardrobe usually is thought based also on seasons or a limited period time like three to four months. Also for the time you can play as you wish.

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Mary E Donato

Love this idea! Plan to clear out my closet and simplify with things I truly love and wear!

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