The Speckled Cowl Pattern

Last week I’ve finished to knit the speckled cowl that I was making in blue and beige. As I said here, I started with the pattern by PurlSoho of the speckled scarf and I made some changes.

4 yarns of Nanna by Lanecardate in the colour Bajkal (colour A)
4 yarns of Nanna by Lanecardate int he colour Niger (colour B)
Needles 3.00 mm/US 3/UK 11

Cast on 91 stitches with colour A.
For the stitch follow the instruction of the original pattern.
I continued to work with colour A as the main colour for about 85 cm (33,4 inches).
To change the colour of the main yarn, make another row knitting with colour A, then, working with the colour B simply knit one row; then simply start the row I of the pattern with the colour B.
Work until this part measures about 52 cm (20,4 inches) or until you reach the length you desire.
With colour B bind of all stitches knitwise.

Things in these pictures:
– vintage handmade cardigan
– simple beanie: pattern, beanie
botanical pin



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