The speckled cowl with Nanna

When I start to think about a new project to cast on or to a new pattern to make, it’s possible that I do it in two different ways: I can use some yarn that I already have in my stash, or I can search for something new. Last week I knew that I wanted a new yarn to work with, I have a couple of project in mind that I want to realise, so I started to look around, to some yarns that I’ve already work with and also some new yarn. I spent hours and hours, I fell in love with different yarns, but every time something wasn’t right. Sometimes were the colours, that weren’t the right ones I was looking for, other times was a simple matter of out of stock yarns. Then, I thought that I wanted to make a second speckled cowl (I knitted one in black and white before Christmas), this time I wanted to use a blue and beige combination.

So my research was a bit more directed, but again availability was in my way. I was stuck in a loop of: I want to use some beautiful yarn, (for example Owl by Quince and Co or Gilliat by De Rerum Natura), they were out of stock and I was continuing to forget that I can look near me; I live in Italy and we also have great yarn. So I did and the result was simple: why I couldn’t use the same yarn I used before for the same cowl I wanted to knit? So I went to Do-Knit ( a beautiful little shop here in Milan) and I found what I needed it. They were out of stock of Lamora in the colours I wanted (of course), but I found a yarn (Nanna, always by Lanecardate) in a beautiful blue shade and it’s 100% wool and I love it.

I’m currently working on it, but when I finish it I will share the modification to the original pattern that I’ve made.

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